Electro Buff Challenge: Best Decks to win this Clash Royale event

Best Electro Buff Event Decks in Clash Royale

In the latest Electro Buff Event in Clash Royale, everything feels charged up. Electro troops are bursting with power, thus making them the best choice for this event. But with all this extra zap, it can be tough to pick the right deck for this challenge.

We’ve been testing a lot, so don’t worry; we are going to share some of the most surprisingly strong decks for this event.

Electro Giant Shocking Deck

Cards: Electro Giant, Electro Spirit, Electro Dragon, Mini Tank (Pick two: Valkyrie/Knight/Mini Pekka), Spell Options (Pick three): Zap (Reset, Chip Damage), Tornado (Crowd Control, Support), Poison (Area Damage, Counter Swarm), Log (Clear Swarm)

The Electro Giant is already a powerhouse in Clash Royale meta, but during this event, he becomes an absolute monster. You can pair him up with the ever-reliable Electro Spirit for constant chain stuns and watch towers melt.

And if you want some extra air defense, then use the Electro Dragon, which can provide both splash damage and continuous electrocution.

Plop down the Electro Giant, protect him with your support troops, and enjoy as they smash your opponent’s towers.

Zappy Bunch Deck

Cards: Electro Spirit, Zap, Minions, Bats, Skeleton Army, Electro Wizard, Mega Knight, Any other building (e.g., Tombstone, Cannon)

This deck focuses on quick zaps and overpowering your opponent. In this deck, we have the classic Electro Spirit and Zap for chip damage and reset pushes. However, it is the swarm troops who shine brightest.

The Electro buff provides a major boost to Minions, Bats, and Skeleton Army, making them highly effective in taking down tanks and shutting down pushes.

And if you want to add extra power, throw in the Mega Knight and Electro Wizard combo for a splash of area damage. This deck is best for players to love to use speed to overwhelming opponents with a constant stream of little lightning rods.

Sparky Surprise Deck (High Risk, High Reward)

Cards: Sparky, Electro Wizard, Zappies, Tesla, Rocket, Log, Elixir Collector, Lightning

Sparky is a card that divides opinions. But with the Electro buff, Sparky’s potential for destruction is undeniable. You should back Sparky with the ever-versatile Electro Wizard for stuns and redirecting enemy troops.

The Elixir Collector provides you with enough elixir to play Sparky and defend against pushes. Zappies and Tesla can provide further defensive help, while the Rocket is a high-damage finisher.

This deck involves taking calculated risk and reward. If you can build a strong Sparky push, you can easily win this challenge.

However, this deck requires precise placement and good timing, so practice before you start jumping into the arena.

These are just a few ideas to get you started in this fun Electro Buff challenge. Let me know in the comments below what decks you’re using and shocking everyone with!

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