Best Evolved Battle Ram Deck — Too OP with Dagger Duchess!

Best Evolved Battle Ram Deck

The new Season 58 of Clash Royale has just started, so this is the perfect time to BREK THE META and climb the ladder with our BEST Evolved Battle Ram Deck in Clash Royale.

Unlocking/Maxing Dagger Duchess & Evo Battle Ram

  • Unlock Dagger Duchess: You can claim your free Dagger Duchess from the Clash Royale shop. Everyone gets one for free!
  • Unlock Evo Battle Ram: Purchase the Diamond Pass Royale from the shop. With the pass, you’ll be able to unlock the Evo Battle Ram.

The Best Evolved Battle Ram Deck

The Pekka Bridge Spam deck is the perfect match for the Evolved Battle Ram. With recent major buffs, this deck is now dominating the arena.

  • Pekka: Our main tank and win condition.
  • E-Wiz: Counters the ever-present Evo Battle Ram and resets its charge.
  • Magic Archer: Great chip damage and solid support troop.
  • Bandit: Deals surprise damage and helps cycle. (Alternatives: Prince, Minions)
  • Evo Battle Ram: Excellent for applying pressure and activating your Evolution.
  • Poison: Deals with swarms and slows down enemy pushes.
  • Zap: A powerful spell to slow down enemy troops.
  • Ghost: Disrupts enemy defenses and provides some chip damage.

Strategy Breakdown

  • Early Cycle: You must cycle your deck quickly to reach the Evolved Battle Ram as early as possible.
  • E-Wiz Shines: E-Wiz shuts down enemy Evolution decks and protects your own pushes.
  • Double Lane Pressure: You should use Bandit and Evolved Battle Ram to keep the opponent guessing on defense.
  • Pekka Power: He remains a powerful troop in the arena, crushing tanks and shutting down counter-pushes.
  • Zap Value: Use Zap frequently and don’t underestimate its ability.

And there you have it, our best Evolved Battle Ram deck. This deck feels incredibly strong and might become the new meta king soon.

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