Divine Duality Elemental Essences Guide (Spawn & Summon)

Divine Duality Elemental Essences Guide

Divine Duality Elemental is a fighting game on Roblox where you can double up on essences – basically power-ups that give you powerful abilities from elements, concepts, and more. And you can switch between your essences whenever you want, just hit that T key.

Now, to get these essences, you’ve got a couple of options. You can either stumble upon them randomly around the map or summon them using shards. To get shards, you earn them by leveling up and getting kills.

But some super special essences aren’t just lying around or summoned with shards. You might have to get creative and fuse other essences together to unlock them.

Here all the essences available in the game.

Essence of Earth (Common)


[E] – Rockslide Rupture

Create a wave of sharp rocks that spring from the ground to attack enemies as they move towards your mouse point. When you get there, make a large boulder that knocks players over.

[R] – Stonewall

Raise a wall from the ground and quickly fling it forward, forcing opponents back. The wall will remain in place, blocking projectiles.

[F] – Earth’s Protection

Encase yourself in a rock shield to become invulnerable. After a short while, the shield will burst, delivering damage to the nearest opponents and providing armor that reduces all damage absorbed by 30% until it vanishes.

Essence of Winds (Common)


[E] – Galeforce Gust

Charge up by compressing the wind around your arms and then releasing it to unleash a powerful gust that will knock enemies away.

[R] – Skyborne Zephyr

Create a strong gust of wind around you, knocking down nearest opponents and sending you high into the air.

[F] – Ravaging Whirlwind

Create a massive cyclone around you, which will pick up all players nearby and spin them in the air. After 4 seconds, the tornado will fall apart, dropping players to the ground.

Essence of Water (Common)


[E] – Hydro Beam

Shoot a high pressure beam of water that you can move around doing damage to enemies. The splash at the end of the beam deals less damage but has an AoE.

[R] – Spirit Waters

Shoot a small water projectile that will lunge at the nearest enemy and bounce from player to player dealing damage to them. Once there are no enemies left to bounce to, the projectile will fly back to you and heal you based on the amount of enemies hit.

[F] – Shark Bomb

Create a magic water shark that lunges towards your mouse and dives into the ground, creating a burst of water that traps any players it hits in a bubble.

Essence of Flames (Common)


[E] – Fireball

Shoot a fireball that explodes on impact and sets enemies on fire.

[R] – Soul-seeking flames

Summon a fire star that floats above you for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, the star will burst shooting missiles that will seek after players around you. If there are no players, the star will shoot 3 missiles towards your mouse.

[F] – Firestorm Kick

Propel yourself and then fly towards your mouse. If you hit a surface, you will cause a fire explosion that leaves the surface hit on fire, burning enemies that walk on it.

Energy Essence (Rare)


[E] – Energy Bomb

Shoot a quick ball of condensed energy that explodes on impact.

[R] – Charged Mines

Dash back and throw a cluster of floating mines that randomly spread in an area and detonate.

[F] – Vaporizing Discharge

Unleash a large energy discharge that vaporizes enemies in front of you.

Lightning Essence (Rare)


[E] – Lightning Strike

Summon a storm cloud to strike an area, briefly stunning enemies.

[R] – Shocking Flash

Dash forward at the speed of lightning. Anyone caught in your path will be stunned.

[F] – Lightning Orb

Create a lightning orb that, when in touch with a surface, forms an electric dome. Any player trapped inside the dome will be continued to hurt by electric currents. If they leave the dome, they will be shocked and stunned.

Poisonous Essence (Rare)


[E] – Poison Needle

Shoot a needle that creates a poisonous mist on impact that applies poison to opponents.

[R] – Poisoning Slash

Dash forward and conjure a poison dagger to slash an area, causing damage and poisoning enemies. If an opponent is nearby, you will immediately dash towards them.

[F] – Purple Haze

Constantly create toxic clouds around you that will keep dealing damage and applying poison to everyone in range.

Essence of Darkness (Epic)


[E] – Impaling Shadows

Summon shadows on the floor that shadow spikes come out of, impaling and slowing enemies.

[R] – Phantom Strike

Transform into a black shadow that glides across objects and players. Any players that are touched will be marked. When you arrive at your location, the shadow slashes with dark claws, causing damage in a specific region and destroying all marked players.

[F] – Lake of Dark Mirage

Cover the floor around you with a lake of dark liquid. Anyone who steps in it will get stuck and will be attacked by a shadow clone of themselves.

Essence of Light (Epic)


[E] – Light Beam

Quickly shoot a beam of light that causes an explosion on its impact zone.

[R] – Lightspeed Strike

Teleport multiple times in a zig zag pattern and strike after the last teleport dealing damage in an area and blinding enemies.

[F] – Radiant Cascade

Create a rain of light that constantly strikes a certain location. Players in close proximity will receive ongoing damage.

Essence of Frost (Epic)


[E] – Ice Spears

Conjure 4 ice spears and throw them towards your mouse.

[R] – Frostwave

Stomp the ground making a wave of ice spikes burst from it, freezing enemies they hit.

[F] – Absolute Zero

Gather cold air and wrap your hand in ice before punching the ground, freezing anything and everyone around you.

Essence of Aether (Legendary)


[E] – Aether Starfall

Summon multiple portals in the sky that shoot out magical projectiles that can’t be stopped or redirected.

[R] – Aethereal Convergence

Shoot a projectile that stops after a short distance and then draws all adjacent players into it, resulting in an aethereal explosion that slows and interferes with players’ vision.

[F] – Photon Eruption

Briefly make players in an area float before a beam of light erupts from the ground below them dealing damage.

Arcane Essence (Legendary)


[E] – Mana Stealing Comet

Summon a magical comet and shoot it. When the comet hits, it explodes, delivering damage to enemies and randomly locking one of their abilities for 7 seconds.

[R] – Arcane Enchantment

Cast an enchantment on yourself, summoning a pillar of magic energy and giving yourself a 20% damage buff for 10 seconds.

[F] – Art of Binding

Summon a magical crystal that shoots forth chains that attach to enemies and bind them in place, gradually pulling them. The crystal then bursts, causing damage to anybody nearby.

Essence of Destruction (Divine)


[E] – Decimating Scream

Quickly release a compressed beam that leaves behind a path of explosions.

[R] – Obliterating Frenzy

Send off a shockwave that sends your enemies into the air. After throwing them into the air, dash to them, upprecut them, and slam them back to the ground, causing an AoE that hurts any other players it strikes.

[F] – End of an Era

Create an unstable star of destruction in the sky that will randomly fire overcharged beams. After a few seconds, the star will eject a comet, resulting in a massive explosion.

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