Divine Duality Elemental Codes Heats Up The New Meta

Divine Duality Elemental Codes Heats Up The New Meta

The popular fighting game on Roblox Divine Duality Elemental, developed by @LukeMigrator, just released a new update, and to celebrate, the devs have published a batch of new promo codes to redeem for in-game rewards like shards.

In Divine Duality Elemental, players take on the role of warriors who command powerful elementals. These elementals can be collected, summoned, and likely come in varying rarities, with some being more powerful than others.

Here are the codes (make sure to redeem them before they expire):

All Divine Duality Elemental Codes Released After The Update

  • 500likes—Get 1000 Shards (New)
  • 1000likes—Get 2000 Shards
  • SorryForShutdowns—Get 1000 Shards

How to Redeem Your Codes

  • Launch Divine Duality Elemental on Roblox.
  • Click on the Settings menu (found in the bottom left corner).
  • Navigate to the “Codes” section within Settings.
  • Enter each code carefully in the designated text box.
  • Hit “Submit” to claim your free shards!

If you’re looking to progress faster, be sure to redeem these codes and check out the latest update.

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