Unlocking the Griefville Pig Face Mask: It’s Creepy, But You Want It!

Unlocking the Griefville Pig Face Mask: It's Creepy, But You Want It!

There’s a brand-new FREE limited item called Griefville Pig Face Mask on Roblox, and it’s both creepy and strangely cool.

Is it REALLY creepy?

The mask features a pig’s face with a wide, unsettling grin. It’s reminiscent of horror movie icons like Pigmask from Saw, but with a cartoony twist.

The Griefville Pig Face mask is definitely not for kids, but for those who love a good scare aesthetic for their Roblox avatar, it’s a must-have.

Why You NEED This Mask (Even if it’s Creepy)

The Griefville Pig Face mask is FREE and falls under “limited UGC item.” That means it won’t be available forever, and once the stock runs out, it could become valuable for trading later.

Even if you don’t love the creepy vibes, getting this mask now ensures you have the option to trade it for a decent sum of Robux later.

How can You Get Griefville Pig Face Mask

You must log in into your Roblox account first and then launch Griefville game. Note that it has a 13+ age rating due to its horror themes. If your age in your Roblox account is under 13, you most likely won’t be able to access the game.

But, once you’re in the game, all you have to do is follow these quick steps:

  • Open your Challenges Menu: Press “C” to open the menu and navigate to the “Daily” challenges section.
  • Complete 7 Daily Challenges: These challenges are all pretty simple, like talking to 15 Griefville residents, killing 45 spider dogs, and using bandages.
  • Claim Your Reward: Once you complete all seven challenges, head to the shop and redeem your reward.

How can You Speed run the Challenges

  • Playing mini-games like the Chucky or spider mini-game is a fast way to earn cash for the “Win 7,000 Griefville Cash” challenge.
  • The “kill” challenges are straightforward. Use your nail gun or preferred weapon to eliminate spider dogs, monsters, and blobs. The graveyard and church are good hunting grounds for blobs.

Frankly speaking, the challenges are easy enough to complete in a short amount of time.

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