Dota 2 Carry Hero Tier List for 7.35d Meta

The best Carry Hero in Dota 2

Dota 2 Patch 7.35d is here with a bunch of adjustments, but nothing too crazy compared to the last update. With some changes rolled out, it’s time to find out the top carry heroes dominating the current meta.

Let’s break down the key contenders and their strategies:

Top Tier


Despite recent nerfs, Lifestealer still remains a powerhouse in the carry role. His midgame fighting skills and favorable matchups against popular offlaners like Mars make him a solid pick.

The updated build includes Phase Boots, Armlet, Radiance, Sange and Yasha, Aghanim’s Shard, and Black King Bar.

Lifestealer’s flexibility in defensive items and ability to disengage with Infest make him a powerful choice.

Faceless Void

With the ability to counter Lifestealer using Chronosphere, Faceless Void maintains his position as a top-tier carry. While his laning stage has become more challenging, his farming efficiency compensates for it.

The classic anti-carry, counters Lifestealer with Chronosphere. Farming suffers due to offlane dominance, but still a strong late game initiator.

Build: Phase Boots, Mask of Madness, Maelstrom (nerfed), BKB, MKB, Skadi (optional).


Emerging as a strong counter to Lifestealer, his high armor and adaptive abilities make him a viable pick.

Morphling can utilize his ultimate, Morph, to copy and use Lifestealer’s abilities against him. The build has been updated to prioritize Wraith Bands and Bloodthorn.

Build: Wraith Band, Manta Style (no Vlads Offering anymore!), Bloodthorn, Skadi.

Solid Picks


Luna’s midgame aggression and objective-taking capabilities make her a popular choice. Her core items include Mask of Madness, Manta Style, and Black King Bar, enabling her to transition from farming to team fighting seamlessly.

Adjustments in her build, such as prioritizing Aghanim’s Shard, enhance her effectiveness against melee heroes.


Known for his annoyance factor, he remains a nightmare for opponents once he gets past the laning stage. His maneuverability and dispel abilities make him difficult to deal with, especially in the mid to late game.

The flexibility in his item build allows him to adapt to different matchups, making him a reliable carry option.

Troll Warlord

Despite being countered by Lifestealer, Troll Warlord’s upgraded Aghanim’s Scepter and flexible itemization make him a strong pick.

Whether opting for Battle Fury or Maelstrom, Troll Warlord can handle various enemy types and maintain momentum throughout the game.

Consider building both Maelstrom (nerfed) and Shard, or Satanic after core items.

Other Options


Reliable but risky pick. Games favor midgame fights, forcing AM to fight before he’s ready. Weak against armor heavy lineups.

Build: Manta Style, Butterfly, Black King Bar.

Growing Trends

  • Medusa: Strong vs Lifestealer due to range and kiting ability. Shard counters single target abilities (popular Skadi) and Scepter disables enemies outside of BKB. Strong pick in specific drafts.
  • Monkey King: Interesting potential. Laning suffers vs Overlord, but versatile item builds (Midas, Battle Fury) offer flexibility. Strong ultimate for extended midgame fights. Definitely a hero to watch.

It’s a guide, not the word of God. Adjust your picks to fit your team’s comp and the opponent’s lineup.

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