Hade’s RNG Tier List — All Auras ranked from Eternal to Lofi

Hade's RNG Auras tier list

Picking the very best Aura in Roblox Hade’s RNG isn’t just about looking fly (though let’s be real, that’s important too!). But with so many Auras swirling around, how do you pick the one that’ll make your opponent run?

In this guide, we will give you the full tier list of different Auras we’ve seen so far in the Hade’s RNG, giving you a heads-up on which ones might be the most epic.

Ranking All Auras in this Hade’s RNG Tier List

AuraTierReroll Probability
Luminous SS(1 in 10,000,000)
Death Melody SS(1 in 6,666,666)
Eternal SS(1 in 3,500,000)
CheatReal SS(1 in 2,000,000)
Sayonara: Planet S(1 in 543,210)
Blackhole: Ton 618 S(1 in 335,000)
Rigel S(1 in 255,202)
Crazy S(1 in 101,010)
Hope A(1 in 86,500)
Planet A(1 in 43,210)
Wisteria A(1 in 30,000)
Determination A(1 in 20,000)
Inferno A(1 in 12,000)
Binary X B(1 in 10,000)
Archeologist B(1 in 7,777)
Unreal B(1 in 9,999)
Crimson B(1 in 6,666)
Murder B(1 in 4,444)
Haunted B(1 in 6,600)
Darkness B(1 in 3,000)
Snowy B(1 in 2,525)
Water B(1 in 1,600)
Gloomy B(1 in 1,111)
Deleted C(1 in 666)
ChargeC(1 in 500)
Frozen C(1 in 250)
Binary C(1 in 250)
WindC(1 in 100)
Legendary C(1 in 99)
Lofi C(1 in 60)
Rare D(1 in 40)
Good D(1 in 12)
Uncommon D(1 in 5)
Common D(1 in 2)

When it comes to best performing Auras in Hade’s RNG, you’ll want to stick to only the ones in SS or S tier, such as CheatReal and Blackhole: Ton 618. Meanwhile, any Aura falling under C or D like Binary or Frozen should be avoided.

And there you have it, the best and most worth it Auras that you must save up for while playing Hade’s RNG on Roblox.

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