Guardians Lockdown Deck Strategy in Marvel SNAP

Guardians Lockdown Deck

This new Guardians Lockdown Deck strategy has been crushing opponents and helping us rack up some easy wins. This Marvel SNAP deck is mainly about controlling the board and punishing your opponent with some surprising moves.

Moreover, the Guardians got a buff, making them a strong pick in the current meta.

Guardians Lockdown Deck Strategy Breakdown

The key to using this deck is controlling the board from the start. We use Professor X to lock down a lane, shutting out the opponent. Then, Cannonball swoops in like a wrecking ball (or should I say, Blob Slayer?) to take out their strongest card. It’s an easy but really powerful combo!

Rana Ren Slayer is our MVP for discounts, making sure we can drop Professor X and those Goblins early. In addition, the buffed Guardians can be used to hold the fort in our targeted locations.

Here’s the key part of this strategy: You need to use Rana to get discounts, then throw down Green Goblin with a Guardian on turn three. Follow that up with Professor X on turn four to lock down a lane. If executed properly, you’ll be in total control.

Nebula in this deck will be your best friend for Guardian buffs, and remember to play Daredevil whenever you can. He’ll make your life so much easier.

So that’s everything you need to know about executing a proper Guardians Lockdown deck strategy in Marvel SNAP.

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