Critical Revengeance: Best Classes Tier List & Guide

Critical Revengeance classes tier list

Let’s break down the current meta in the new Critical Revengeance game on Roblox. Now, we know what you’re thinking: the game just launched in Roblox, how can anyone definitively rank the classes yet?

Well, we’ve created this class tier list after playing the game since the early access release and taking into consideration many factors such as early game viability and damage output in the game’s core PvP battle mode.

Critical Revengeance Class Tier List

Kunai — Tier S

It is a high mobility, debuff-focused attacker. They use Orbs that scale with damage and have a chance to spawn extras.

  • Orb 1: Dashes forward and might inflict bleed.
  • Orb 2: Applies a “Weakpoint” debuff increasing enemy damage taken by 25% for 8 seconds (longer with passive).
  • Orb 3: Has a chance to inflict “Backstab,” a slow bleed dealing high damage over 15 seconds.

Kunai’s critical attack involves teleporting, bouncing, and poisoning the enemy. They also have a passive 5% crit chance on all Orbs and can increase the chance to spawn extra Orbs.

Katars — Tier S

They are a Desert Highland stack-based class that are good at relentless combos. Landing hits builds your meter, granting bonus attacks and a powerful Void-infused critical that stuns enemies.

  • Fast and Furious: Gain extra hits and trigger a stacking damage buff with each successful attack.
  • Void’s Bite: Weaken enemies with “Voidtouched” and unleash a devastating final strike that consumes your stacks for massive damage.
  • Aerial Assault: Launch yourself into the air, slamming down with a shockwave that stuns enemies and scales with your accumulated hits.
  • High Ceiling: Max stacks increased to 20 for extended combos and even bigger crits.

Heretic — Tier A

It is a magic-wielding support class found within the Forest of Stone. Their power scales with magic, making them powerful healers and damage boosters.

  • Blood Orb: Sacrifices health (10-15%) to perform a powerful heal on allies, restoring user mana and fueling their ultimate.
  • Ritual: A passive that empowers subsequent Heretic abilities based on stacks gained from hitting orbs.
  • Dagger Orb: Provides self-healing while Ritual is active.
  • Skull Orb: Debuffs enemy defense, making them easier to tear down.
  • Critical: Supercharges the Blood Orb’s healing effect for the entire party.

Mage — Tier A

Can be found in the Forest of Stone, they are the first magic wielder. They focus on collecting “Mana Stars” through special orbs to improve their abilities.

  • Mana Management: Two orbs grant resources – Mana Stars for increased damage and “Enchantment” for a magic damage boost.
  • Star Power: Another orb allows stacking damage on enemies up to 2.5x.
  • Star’s Blessing: Grants defense while consuming mana, making strategic mana management important.
  • Burst Critical: Uses all Mana Stars for amplified damage and debuffs, scaling with the number of stars collected.

Bow — Tier B

It is a ranged attacker located in the Great Cliffs area. It is excellent at critical hits and stacking arrows for powerful volleys.

  • Passive: Starts with 2 arrows, gaining more through mastery levels (up to 7).
  • Playstyle: Revolves around collecting and expending arrows via three orbs: Bow Orb (deals damage and spawns Arrow Orbs), Arrow Orb (grants arrows and spawns Quiver Orbs), and Quiver Orb (grants arrows and spawns Bow Orbs).
  • Critical Hit: Releases all stored arrows, dealing bonus damage and potentially lowering enemy defense. It also bypasses shields for partial damage.

Shield — Tier B

Also known as the Defender class, shield is a tanky powerhouse. While it might not deal the most damage, it performs best at absorbing damage and protecting allies.

Shields can upgrade through various tiers, unlocking abilities like deflection and party-wide damage reduction.

Combo — Tier C

The Combo class is for beginners. It gains Fury stacks when hit, boosting damage (max 10 stacks). Fury damage scales even higher at higher Mastery levels.

Its “Critical” ability offers healing and damage reduction. “Fury Orb” provides invincibility for a short time. You can trade Fury for a damage boost with “Precision/Target Orb.”

Other Orbs apply bleed DoT or grant a speed boost.

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