These are the most powerful Swords in Blades of Chance RNG

Swords in Blades of Chance

In Blades of Chance, swords are more than just pointy loot – they’re the key to enhancing your hero power and abilities.

When you first roll into Blades of Chance, you will see SWORDS from mythical to legendary everywhere. Seriously, who knew a Roblox RNG game could have this many varieties.

But with all this RNG loot, it’s quite hard to know what’s actually worth acquiring. So, we decided to break down the real top swords, the S+ tier you need for your hero.

Roblox Blades of Chance: Swords Ranking from best to worst

Swords are rated on a scale from incredible (S+) all the way down to terrible (F). S+ swords are the absolute best, while F swords are basically useless.

Within each tier (S+, S, A, B, C, D, and F), there’s no specific order. So, an S-ranked sword might be slightly better or worse than another S-ranked sword, but they’re both still top-notch blades.

Shadowbane ReaverS+1 in 2,50,000
Abyssal ReaperS+1 in 15,250,000
BloodhorneS1 in 10,101,101
Solstice SlicerS1 in 15,250,000
Galactic EdgeS1 in 456,789
ThunderheartS1 in 1,20,000
FrostbiteA1 in 90,000
Tempest EdgeA1 in 1,20,000
Dragon FuryA1 in 60,006
Crimson ShardA1 in 35,550
Serpent BiteB1 in 76,000
VoidwalkerB1 in 30,000
Purple MistralC1 in 45,000
Void SlayerF1 in 55,555
Swords Tier List

Unlocking S+ or S tier swords are like winning the lottery. Rolling them feels impossible because they have a very low drop rate. So, what about those who can’t rely on pure luck?

For those who can’t seem to get their hands on top tier swords, should rely on A Tier: Frostbite, Crimson Shard, Tempest Edge.

These swords might not be the absolute best, but they’ll help you level up quickly when you first start grinding.

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