GESC: Indonesia Dota 2 Minor was a significant event in the Dota 2 esports calendar, providing an opportunity for both international and local teams to compete for a substantial prize pool and coveted qualifying points for The International.

  • Event Name: GESC: Indonesia Dota 2 Minor
  • Location: Indonesia
  • Type of Event: Dota 2 esports tournament
  • Organizer: GESC (Global Electronic Sports Championship)
  • Valve Sanctioned: Yes, this tournament was sanctioned by Valve Corporation, the developer of Dota 2.
  • Purpose: The tournament aims to showcase top-tier Dota 2 competition and promote esports in Indonesia.
  • Prize Pool: The prize pool for GESC: Indonesia Dota 2 Minor was $300,000 USD.
  • Qualifying Points: In addition to the prize money, participating teams had the opportunity to earn qualifying points for The International, Dota 2’s premier annual tournament.
  • Teams: The tournament features some of the best Dota 2 teams from around the world, including a representative from Indonesia.
  • Format: The tournament followed a standard Dota 2 tournament format, including group stages followed by playoffs.